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“Sometimes I cry blood.”  That’s just one of the lyrics by Bilaal Muhammad which typifies the passion and power behind his poetry.  Bilaal, a native of Philadelphia, is a poetically skilled poet who constructs movements and monuments with his words.  This poet proudly carries the torch label of activist.


He was born Jamal Bashaw Brisbon-Sanders, April 23, 1990 and is better known by his stage name Jamazing.  He’s an American singer, songwriter and model born in Savannah, Georgia raised in St. Mary’s, Georgia. Once you see him and hear him you’ll want more.  He brings southern comfort to his music with a universal flair.

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Devin Fizer  was born in Pozzuoli Italy.  His music is conscious but it is also fun.  Spittah Nation is a movement of Artistry and creativity. It is a movement for MC's, Producers, Musicians, DJ's, Spoken Word, Singing, Painting and any form of art expression to spread positivity through music and art.

Cliff (The Handyman) Cole

Clifford Cole a native of Gary Indiana, has extensive training in public speaking and home remodeling, thus the stage name “the Handy Man”.  He combined both professions and has been self-employed since the age of 18. At the age of 19 he performed his first standup routine, which led to many more invitations to events doing stand up and emcee work.  He demonstrated, at an early age, an ability to control of the stage with his intelligent humor, and down to earth delivery.  All were impressed with his maturity and passion for this craft. 

King Malik

Malik Lamar Files better known by his stage name King Malik, is an American rapper, songwriter, model and actor born in San Diego, California. King Malik started acting at a young age, he was featured on Good Luck Charlie, How I Met Your Mom and more. King Malik gained notoriety in 2015 when he release is first song "Nobody Knows" featuring Jamazing. Since this debut release he has been working hard to give his Royal Mates more music. Stay tune for more from King Malik.